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Extractivism and Resistance in North Africa Maximize

Extractivism and Resistance in North Africa

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Extractivism and Resistance in North Africa

This report documents several cases of natural resource extraction which take the form of brutal "accumulation by dispossession," degrading environments and ecosystems through the privatisation and commodification of land and water. However, these extractive activities have also been met with new waves of resistance and the entrance of new social actors onto the scene, demanding that wealth generated in resource projects be shared equitably in society. Are these new actors mainly motivated by environmental concerns, or are they fundamentally anti-systemic, seeking to undermine the basis of the capitalist extractive economy? Are these passing episodes of resistance, or do they represent a new development in the historical trajectory of class struggle in North Africa?

Table of contents
1  Introduction 
2  Extractivism, primitive accumulation and imperialism 
3  The political economy of extractivism in the
Maghreb/ North Africa 
4  Case studies of resistance to extractivism in the Maghreb 
Case 1: Southern Algeria: energy colonialism, environmental 
racism and the unemployed movement 
Case 2: Isles of Kerkennah, Tunisia: frontier of climate change and resistance against extractivism 
Case 3: Moroccan and Tunisian hinterlands and phosphate: Khouribga and Gafsa 
Case 4: Gabes and Safi: the phosphate twins in the extractivist hell 
Case 5: Imider and Jemna: peasant resistance against dispossession 
5  The new manifestations of class struggle and their limitations 
6  Conclusion/Alternatives 

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Extractivism and Resistance in North Africa

Extractivism and Resistance in North Africa

Paperback A4 report

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