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Think piece series Food for Thought. No.1, 2 & 3 Maximize

Think piece series Food for Thought. No.1, 2 & 3

3 Paperback A4 reports

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Public policies for food sovereignty

Think piece series Food for Thought No.1

Food sovereignty is based on the right of peoples to define their own food system and to develop policies on how food is produced, distributed and consumed. It is above all a political call for action that it is based on empowerment processes and the generation of critical knowledge in support of the collective and popular construction of alternatives.

These alternatives take their inspiration from three main sources:

1. The defense of peasant economies, and the production, distribution and consumption systems connected to these.

2. Agroecology, conceived as both a way of producing food and a movement for change encompassing both socio-economic and socio-political dimensions.

3. Equitable and sustainable food systems that guarantee the right to adequate food for all.

From a food sovereignty perspective then, there is a demonstrable need to identify some of the key elements of an analytical framework for the design and implementation of public policies that strengthen food sovereignty and are based on the Right to Food. This discussion paper sketches out some of these elements.


Building social muscle to transform food systems

Think piece series Food for Thought No.2

This report provides insights from the European local public policy landscape by bringing together some current examples of innovative policy making. These initiatives are largely a response to the failures of the corporate controlled food system, which generates inequality and ecological degradation. Food sovereignty is a lens for understanding how these diverse initiatives can work towards broad based system change.

What becomes clear is that to cultivate the intersecting sovereignties that provide the foundation for food sovereignty, many more people than farmers are needed. Despite many challenges, engagement with local public institutions represents fertile ground for sowing sovereignties.


Leveraging urban policy for food sovereignty and human rights

Think piece series Food for Thought No.3

This paper considers how urban policy processes might be leveraged to contribute to the realisation of food sovereignty, “understood as the right of peoples to define their own food and agricultural systems”.

Specifically, it considers how rights-based social movements and community-based organisations have negotiated space, materially and politically, within urban policy processes in European cities, and what lessons might be drawn for social movements and activists working on food and agriculture-related issues.

All these reports can be downloaded for free on TNI's website.

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Think piece series Food for Thought. No.1, 2 & 3

Think piece series Food for Thought. No.1, 2 & 3

3 Paperback A4 reports

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